We are a generation of conquerors (part IV) What I lack to conquer?

Mark 9:23
Genesis 1:28
because they are spiritually ignorant
because they don’t know who they are
because they do not know what is their position in Christ
because they don’t know what your heritage is
because they don’t know how to live as saved
because they do not know how to enjoy the work of Jesus
because nobody teaches them how to live faith practically

Hosea 4:6
Characteristics of a conqueror that need to be developed
1. a conqueror is free in Christ
Galatians 5:1
Hebrews 12:1
2. a conqueror is clear about what he will conquer
3.a conqueror breaks with the old structures (family, social, cultural)
Genesis 12:1
4. A conqueror lives by what he believes and not by what he sees.
2 Corinthians 5:7
5. a conqueror believes that the oppositions cannot resist him
Joshua 1: 2, 5
6. a conqueror believes he will never be abandoned by God
Joshua 1:5
7. a conqueror has strength and courage
Joshua 1:6
8. a conqueror is obedient
Joshua 1:7
9.a conqueror doesn’t get discouraged
Joshua 1:8
Joshua 1:9
10. a conqueror does not forget God’s promises
Joshua 14:6
11. a conqueror trusts regardless of circumstances
Joshua 14:7
12.a conqueror encourages others to conquer

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